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A range of maintenance and cleaning services packages for you to choose from. Halo FM are currently responsible for the provision of the daily cleaning of many large scale projects: from schools, universities, pubs, clubs and large corporate office blocks, to single occupation business premises. We provide a wide range of services, from maintenance to deep clean.  We have years of cleaning experience, with qualified, specialist staff.


Window Cleaning


From single storey buildings to high rise office blocks Halo Facilities Management can help, when employing a contractor to provide Commercial Window Cleaning Services to your premises you need to be sure that your window cleaning contractor is approaching the task in a safe and professional manner, with the danger of serious injury ever present high level high risk window cleaning should only ever be carried out by professional window cleaners. As the law stands at the moment anyone can set up as a commercial window cleaner as there are currently no laws governing who can trade within this profession, building owners and managers need to be aware that ultimate responsibility for the safety of any Commercial Window Cleaning Contractor working at their premises lies with them. This is where problems can arise you should never employ a Commercial Window Cleaner who has not carried out a full risk assessment of your site documenting all possible hazards and clearly outlining the required safety precautions that need to be put in place to eliminate said hazards. A full working method statement should also be obtained from your window cleaning contractor outlining precisely how each individual window cleaning task will be approached, this covers you as a business should the contractor deviate from the approved risk assessment or method statement and be injured as a direct result.


Deep Cleaning of Kitchens


All Commercial Kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas are subject to strict legislation regarding their overall condition and hygiene standards, Halo Facilities Management are experts in the provision of periodic Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services, we have many year’s experience in this area having completed many contracts from small restaurants to large scale food preparation factory’s all to industry standards, ensuring your businesses total compliance with all governing legislation is what we do best. Failure to meet the hygiene standards set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 or the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 and also the regulatory reform fire safety order 2005 can lead to your business being issued with severe fines or even worse an actual criminal case in the unfortunate event of someone being injured as a direct result of poorly maintained cooking equipment, kitchen grease extraction systems or ducting as it is otherwise known. Although your in-house daily cleaning routines can and will maintain a reasonable standard of hygiene your commercial kitchen will require periodic deep cleaning to eliminate the build-up of grease from the less accessible areas of your kitchen which if left untreated can become a breeding ground for bacteria not to mention the significant risk of a fire erupting in your kitchen grease extraction ducting, these services are usually provided by an independent specialist Kitchen Deep Cleaning Contractor such as Halo FM.


Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services include the following,    

•    The thorough cleaning of all of your commercial kitchens food preparation equipment, equipment is dismantled by hand hygienically deep cleaned then reassembled and certified safe for use.    

•    Walls, Floors and light fittings, we aim to deep clean all of the surfaces in your commercial kitchen.    

•    Grease Extraction Ducting, Halo Facilities Management can arrange for the thorough de-contamination of your kitchens extract systems   ensuring their total compliance with all relevant legislation and providing you with peace of mind in knowing that the risk element of a fire erupting in your Kitchen Grease Extraction Ducting has been eliminated, Halo Facilities Management provide full photographic evidence to our clients to pass on to your insurers as proof of due diligence.    

•    Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services are provided 24hrs a day 7 days a week for your convenience. 

•    Carry out a fire risk assessment.    

•    If necessary, improve your fire safety measures and fully document the changes.    

•    Keep the risks, and your fire safety measures under constant review.    

•   Arrange and document regular cleaning of grease extraction ducting by a specialist contractor.


Contract Cleaning


Whatever the size of your business premises whether large or small, Halo Facilities Management can provide the perfect Contract Cleaning solution for you. We have a very broad range of clients across many varying industry sectors. Halo Facilities Management are currently responsible for the provision of Contract Cleaning Services across a broad spectrum of business premises from single offices to large corporate office blocks, schools, sports venues and multi storey car parks. No matter how complex your cleaning requirements may be, we have available the resources and the experience to provide your business with the perfect contract cleaning solution, our area managers will work with you to tailor a bespoke cleaning schedule that works around you and your business. Upon inquiring about our comprehensive range of Contract Cleaning Services you will receive a visit from one of our dedicated account managers who will visit your site and work with you to form a full and detailed service assessment proposal, clearly outlining your particular needs and identifying areas which may have been neglected by previous Contract Cleaning Service providers ensuring that you get the service that you want at a price that suits your budget. The Area Manager will then manage the implementation of the contract and ensure our very high service levels and above all your customer satisfaction are maintained at all times.

Our specialist team of contract cleaners are highly experienced in the following areas:   

•    General Cleaning    

•    Industrial Deep Cleaning    

•    Factory Cleaning    

•    School Cleaning   

•    Computer Cleaning    

•    Telephone Cleaning    

•    Kitchen Deep Cleaning    

•    Commercial Window Cleaning    

•    Carpet Cleaning    

•    Hard surface floor stripping and resealing    

•    Wall / Paintwork    

•    Janitorial Supplies    

•    Pub & Club Cleaning    

•   Office Cleaning   

•    Grounds Maintenance


Call Today on 0800 092 8007 to hear how Halo Facilities Management can save you money and improve your Contract Cleaning Service.


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